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Colorado XT Pontoon Boat Review

Colorado XT Pontoon Boat Review

Fish anywhere with the Colorado XT Pontoon Boat by Classic Accessories. This pontoon boat is portable, so you can take it anywhere, inflate it, and have a high-capacity boat for all of your fishing needs.

Twenty pockets and two insulated drink holders mean that you can take this boat out for a whole day and not think about going back to shore once. A transport wheel allows you to get the boat to the lake safely and heavy-duty pontoons mean that it can float up to 400 lbs., no problem.

Who is the Colorado XT Pontoon For?

The Colorado XT Pontoon Boat is perfect for people who love to fish and who want a small boat that is easy to transport. Mount a small motor on it for trolling or row it using the included oars and oar hooks. It is perfect for salt or fresh water and its high storage capacity allows you to pack all the gear you need.

This boat is not designed for long-distance travel and it doesn’t offer any protection against the elements. It’s also not designed for fishing in locations where you have to hike or backpack in. While it is easier to transport than most boats, it’s too heavy and bulky to take very far.

What’s Included In The Box?

Colorado XT - Box to Boat

When you open the box, you’ll find all of the pieces of the Colorado XT Pontoon Boat, ready for assembly.

This includes the powder-coated steel frame, the stowable transport wheel, the abrasion resistant PVC bottom, the seat,  the heavy-duty pontoons and bladders, bronze oar locks, and two 7-foot aluminum oars.

You will also get instructions for putting the boat together and using it. Note that the box does not include a pump for inflating the pontoons, a repair kit, or any of the tools that you will need when assembling the boat.

Overview of Features

Classic Accessories Colorado XTS Pontoon Boat with Swivel Seat

The Colorado XT Pontoon Boat comes with many features that anglers love. It has:

  • A transport wheel that you can stow when you’re done using it, so you always have it with you but it’s never in the way
  • An abrasion-resistant PVC bottom
  • Heavy-duty nylon covering the pontoons
  • Cold- and heat-resistant bladders inside the pontoons
  • Removable side pockets that can create a portable gear bag that you can carry around
  • A customizable storage system including 20 pockets and 2 insulated drink holders
  • A powder-coated steel tube frame, for extra toughness
  • Bronze oar locks
  • 2 7-foot oars designed for rugged use
  • An anchor system with a fillable mesh bag and cleat-and-pulley controls
  • A removable stripping basket
  • Adjustable, non-slip foot rests
  • A two-position motor mount
  • Wire rear basket for use as storage or as a battery platform
  • Two detachable foam fly patches
  • A front boat retention cord
  • Three oar lock positions
  • A padded plastic seat that folds down
  • Quick inflate/deflate valves
  • A two-year limited warranty

While some anglers wish that the boat included a swivel seat, many don’t find this lack a problem at all. They rave about the customizable storage system and we agree that this boat can hold more and make it more accessible than most pontoon boats can.

What we like

  • The stowable transport wheel means that you will never have to drag your boat over concrete, dirt, or asphalt, all of which could potentially harm it.
  • Removable side pockets allow you to customize your storage so it works for you.
  • A relatively high weight capacity means that you can bring all of the gear and food that you want without worrying about whether it will be too much for the boat.

What we don’t like

  • The seat doesn’t swivel, so you may have to twist your body or turn the entire boat whenever you want to look another direction.

Getting the Most Out of the Colorado XT

COLORADO PONTOON REVIEW (CLASSIC ACCESSORIES) and a few gear tips to make it more fishable!

Start by making sure you assemble the boat properly.

  1. Open the box and lay out all of the pieces. Make sure you have everything.
  2. Inflate your pontoons to about 80-85%.
  3. Assemble part of the frame that attaches to the pontoons according to the manufacturer’s instructions and place them on the pontoons with the attached strap and velcro.
  4. Assemble and attach the seat to the frame.
  5. Assemble and install the anchor and pulley system.
  6. Assemble and install the back part of the frame, including the motor mount. Make sure that the mount is where you want it for optimal motor control.
  7. Install the back basket.
  8. Install the foot rests. Make sure that you know how to adjust them in case you need to make changes out on the water.
  9. Install the oar locks and put the oars in place.
  10. Attach the gear bags where you want them. Try them in different places until they are optimally located for you.
  11. Stow the transport wheel. Make sure you know how to attach it and reattach it so you can use it to move your boat effectively.
  12. If you have a trolling motor, install it.
  13. Test your boat.

If you want to improve your Colorado XT Pontoon Boat beyond what comes in the box, watch the video below. You may want to buy a different anchor than that one that comes with the boat, as well as rod holders so you don’t have to do all the work. You can also get a powered pump so you don’t have to pump those pontoons up by hand whenever they start to get flat.

Alternatives to the Colorado XT

Small people may prefer Classic Accessories Bozeman pontoon boats, as it is a little smaller and weighs a bit less. However, it also carries less weight so you might have to be carefully about what you take with you out on the water.

Classic Accessories Bozeman Inflatable Pontoon Boat With Backpack
  • Steel clamp oarlocks and rugged three-piece 6 foot aluminum oars
  • Tow rings on front and back of pontoons

For a higher ride and a swivel seat, anglers might try the Aquos Heavy-Duty 2020 Pontoon Boat. It offers a more traditional concept of a pontoon boat intended for fishing and includes a seat that makes it easy to look at the water all the way around you.

AQUOS 2021 New Backpack Series FM230 7.5ft Inflatable Pontoon Boat with Guard Bar, Folding Seat and...
  • The AQUOS FM230 Inflatable Pontoon Boat weighs 52 lbs (only the boat), it can be separated into several components so that can be packed easily into a car and handled by one or two! You can transport...
  • The maximum weight capacity is 350 lbs and aluminum Floor Board Size is 27.5*47 inch. It can meet your different requirements. A few simple additions can turn your Fishme pontoon boat into a unique...


The Colorado XT Pontoon Boat is a superb little fishing boat for most anglers’ needs. It is adjustable, so it’s comfortable to sit in all day long. Its large weight capacity and many pockets mean that you can bring gear, food, drinks, and more out on the water with you. You can take it almost anywhere without having to carry it or drag it because it has a removable and stowable wheel.

Get out on the water fast when you order the Colorado XT Pontoon boat today. Find out just how enjoyable fishing can be when you have a boat you don’t have to worry about.

Classic Accessories Colorado XT Pontoon Boat
  • Colorado XT assembled size 108"L x 56"W x 28"H (to top of seat), Weight: 77 lbs.
  • Two-year limited warranty