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Misty Compton

Amazon best-selling author & coauthor, Misty Compton is an outdoor enthusiast, raised on water sports, fitness, and writing. CEO of two companies, Daggerwing Publishing House LLC and Organized Otter Administrative Support LLC, she writes and edits content providing great reads, and assists companies remotely by helping them get organized.

To prevent a boat battery from dying and leaving you stranded in the middle of a lake, it’s important to understand how often you should charge a marine battery. A marine battery should be charged right after you use it, and if you aren’t actively using it the general recommendation is once a month. With …

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You are either reading this article out of curiosity or you’re worried that your marine battery has exploded. Let’s hope it’s for the first reason! Hydrogen + Oxygen + Heat = Kaboom! A marine battery can explode because of improper charging, poor maintenance, or a battery failure. Let’s go through what would cause a marine …

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