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The 5 Best Inflatable Boat Repair Kits

Many people worry about what might happen if their inflatable boat gets a hole in it. Never fear, though, because most inflatable boats are easy to repair.

All you need, most of the time, is a boat repair kit. Here are some of the best inflatable boat repair kits on the market right now. Choose one that will work well for your boat, then buy it, follow the included instructions, and fix your boat fast.

The 5 Best Inflatable Boat Repair Kits
Air up an inflatable boat using a foot pump and an electric pump video

The Boat Repair Kit Buying Guide

Are you wondering what to look for in an inflatable boat repair kit? These are the criteria that we used to pick the best inflatable boat repair kits for this guide. We recommend that you use it, too, whenever you are choosing an inflatable boat repair kit.


Price of inflatable repair kit

Your inflatable boat repair kit should be a reasonable price. For instance, all of the kits in our guide are reasonably priced, with the exact cost depending on a few other factors. Overall, you should not have to pay more than you want to for an inflatable boat repair kit.

Exceptions to this rule may occur if your boat is made out of Hypalon or a similar material. These kits can cost more because they are usually only sold by manufacturers. Since they are branded, you may pay more.

These kits can cost more, if you require larger patches or you want a comprehensive kit.


PVC Patch Kit for Inflatable boats
Click the image for more info

Make sure that any boat repair kit you purchase is made to be used on the material your boat is made out of. If you use the glue for PVC on Hypalon, for instance, it will not hold and it may even end up damaging the boat.

All of the kits on our list are made for PVC boats. They will not be compatible with boats made out of Hypalon or other materials.

These materials are all proprietary and repair kits need to match the specific formulation of the material that your particular boat manufacturer used. For this reason, you may need to reach out to the boat’s maker or look on a site that focuses on marine sales to get these kits.


Yosoo Health Gear 3pcs Inflatable Boat Repair Kit
Click the image for more info

If you want your patch job to look good, make sure that the kit you buy has a patch that is the same color as your boat. If you can’t match the patch perfectly, get it as close as possible to keep your inflatable boat looking great.

If your boat is an unusual color or you want a perfect color match, you may need to work with the boat’s manufacturer to get the best inflatable boat patch kit for you. Since they made the boat, they may have patch kits that match.

Note that your boat may have faded or had the color change because of exposure to certain chemicals or to the elements. In this case, even a patch kit from the manufacturer may not be a perfect match.


Decide how portable you want your inflatable boat repair kit to be and make sure you get one that is compatible with your needs. Some are made to be carried on the boat itself and come with their own waterproof cases. Others are not intended to be taken out on the water.

If you think you might need your patch kit while you are using your boat or you plan to take your boat on overnight trips, get a kit that you can carry with you. If you don’t anticipate patching your boat anywhere other than in your garage, you can get one that is not quite as portable.

Product Reviews

These are the best inflatable boat repair kits that we have found.

1. Sea Dog Tubes of Repair

Get a Sea Dog Tube of Repair if you need a straightforward, basic patch kit that you can take with you anywhere.

Sea Dog’s kit comes with its own waterproof tube. The tube is topped with a large handle, so you can run a rope through it or use a carabiner to attach it to your boat. Keep it with you at all times for emergency patch jobs.

Two tubes of glue mean that you will always have enough for even the toughest patch jobs. Keep them both with you or leave one at home as the backup.

For basic patching repair work, there’s nothing better than a Sea Dog Tube of Repair!

SEA DOG WATER SPORTS Inflatable Boat Repair Kit, 4 X PVC Patch, 2 X 30g Glue
  • Included: 2x 30g glue
  • This powchful useful patch and glue can repair your inflatable boats , seats bouncer airbed and other

What we like

  • This kit is completely portable.
  • The kit comes with two tubes of glue, meaning you will have enough for all of your projects.
  • In addition to patching your inflatable boat, you can use this on paddleboards, inflatable beds, air mattresses, and more.

What we don’t like

  • The kit only comes with basic patch colors, so is not the best choice for colorful boats.

2. Liquid Patch Waterproof Repair Kit For Inflatable & Underwater Gear

The Liquid Patch Waterproof Repair Kit is the way professionals repair PVC. Now, you can use these methods, too, to get stronger, better repairs than ever before.

You can patch more than just your inflatable boat with this kit. In addition, use it on your waders, your wetsuit, and more! Some people claim that it does not work on their products, but we haven’t had that happen yet.

Liquid Patch is easy to use and comes with mesh to reinforce your repair, making it stronger than it was before.

When you need the job done right, rely on Liquid Patch to get it done.

#1 Liquid Patch Waterproof Repair Kit For Inflatable & Underwater Gear | Glue +Cord | PRO Level...
  • Ready To Use In 2 Hours! #1 Professional Level LIQUID PATCH ADHESIVE REPAIR KIT (GLUE+CORD) For Patching Inflatables: Air Mattresses, Boats, Pools, Waders, Inflatable toys, Kayak & Underwater Gear.
  • LIfetime Warranty! First Professional Indoor & Outdoor Durable Water Resistant Liquid Patch, UV Resistant Sealant , Pressure Resistant Sealer, Damage Resistant Repair Kit, Temperature Resistant GLUE....

What we like

  • You can use this kit to patch all of your “on the water” gear, including waders and wetsuits, in addition to using it on your boat.
  • This kit comes with mesh, rather than a patch, which reinforces any repair work you do.
  • The kit dries clear, so you don’t have to put an odd-colored patch on your boat.

What we don’t like

  • The glue included in this kit may not adhere to lighter inflatables, like rafts or blow-up toys for the poo.

3. Inflatable Boat Repair Kit

This Inflatable Boat Repair Kit will not only help you patch your boat, but it comes with a valve key to help you with any valve problems, too. It gives you even more options when you’re fixing your boat.

Sometimes, it’s easier to patch a boat when you can deflate it completely. The key makes this easy.

The key will also help you if you need to repair or replace the valve on your boat.

If you want to do more than just patch your inflatable boat, this kit will help you get the job done.

Inflatable Boat Repair Kit, 3 X PVC Patch, 1 X 30g Glue and 1 X Valve Wrench
  • Included: 1x Black PVC patch and 2 x Gray PVC patch
  • 1x 30g Glue and 1 x Valve Wrench

What we like

  • The included valve key allows for total deflation, which makes it easier to get your PVC repair right.
  • The key also allows you to repair or replace the valve, so you can keep your boat working longer.
  • The kit is easy to take with you, since it comes with its own waterproof case.

What we don’t like

  • Some versions of this kit do not come with instructions, so you will need to look them up or find them online.

4. Sea Eagle Small Repair Kit

The Sea Eagle Small Repair Kit may be small, but it will help you get your inflatable boat back out on the water fast.

Sea Eagle Small Repair Kit for Inflatable PVC Boats
  • Two 4 inch x 3 inch white swatches of PVC Material
  • Two Tubes of PVC Glue

The small patches mean that you don’t have to do as much trimming when you’re fixing your boat. This saves time and energy.

Bring this kit with you as it not only comes in a waterproof tube but has a string you can use to tie the kit down or even wear it around your neck.

If you want something for small, straightforward repairs no matter where you are, this is the repair kit for you.

What we like

  • Not only does this kit come with a waterproof container, but it has a string, too, so you can wear it around your neck or tie it down in your boat.
  • This kit takes up very little space, so it’s easy to bring along no matter how packed your boat is.
  • Two tubes of glue give you plenty for all of your repair needs.

What we don’t like

  • If you require a large patch, you’ll want to choose a different kit.

5. goforwealth Inflatable Boat Repair Kit

For an inflatable boat repair kit that has a little bit of everything, choose the goforwealth Paddle Board Repair Inflatable Boat Repair Kit. It features a valve key and several colors of PVC patches.

goforwealth Surfboard Repair Travel Kit,PVC Sturdy Durable Paddle Boards Inflatable Boat Repair Tool...
  • Material: Made of PVC material the repair kit is waterproof safe strong and durable
  • Wait for about 10 minutes or use a hair dryer to blow the patch coated with glue as well as the glued part of the bad product until the glue is not sticky and a littl...

Note that, while the kit says it is for paddleboards, it will work on anything made out of PVC, including inflatable boats.

The included valve key allows you to do a complete inspection of your hull so you can find all of the holes and patch them. It makes this process easier and faster so you can spend more time on the water.

If you need a patch kit with colorful patches or you want to make sure you get a valve key, this is the best inflatable boat repair kit for you.

What we like

  • If you have a colorful boat, chances are some of these patches will work well for you.
  • The valve key allows for complete deflation and easier hull inspection so you can find all of the places that require patching.
  • The patches are easy to apply so you can get back on the water fast.

What we don’t like

  • The inclusion of colorful patches means that there are fewer neutral patches if these are what you need or prefer.


Our favorite inflatable boat repair kit is the Liquid Patch Waterproof Repair Kit. It dries clear and the mesh reinforces your repair. It also works on so many items around your home that you may not need to buy another repair kit for your outdoor or underwater gear.

Buy an inflatable boat repair kit today so you can fix your boat and enjoy it again soon!

#1 Liquid Patch Waterproof Repair Kit For Inflatable & Underwater Gear

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