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Do Minn Kota Trolling Motors have Fuses?

Do Minn Kota Trolling Motors have Fuses?

Is your Minn Kota trolling motor protected by an internal fuse?

To be direct, NO. Minn Kota trolling motors do not have internal fuses.

However, despite the manufacturer not installing one in the trolling motor, it is a good idea to install a fuse or circuit breaker to protect the internal electronics of the trolling motor.

If you choose to install a fuse, I recommend carrying at least 2 spares and the tools needed to replace a fuse with you while on the water. This will keep you on the water longer if a fuse was to blow.

If you choose to install a waterproof circuit breaker you will only need to reset the circuit breaker if it gets tripped while the trolling motor is in use.

I highly recommend using a waterproof circuit breaker over fuses solely based on convenience. They are more costly initially but going back to the hardware store to replace a fuse just a couple of times will quickly make up for the extra cost.

Choosing the correct size of a circuit breaker or fuse is just as important as installing a fuse in the first place!

Let’s find out what size fuse or circuit breaker you need to install for your specific trolling motor.

What Size Fuse does a Minn Kota Trolling Motor Have?

Minn Kota 1865106 MKR-19 Waterproof Circuit Breaker, 60 Amps

Minn Kota trolling motors do not have fuses, however, I recommend installing a 30-60 amp fuse or circuit breaker.

The model of trolling motor you own will determine the size of the fuse/circuit breaker. Some models might need up to 120+ amp fuses.

Depending on how many amps your trolling motor typically pulls you will want a fuse or circuit breaker roughly 10 amps above that amperage. This will keep you from constantly replacing fuses or resetting the circuit breaker.

If you install a circuit breaker larger than 10 amps above what your trolling motor normally pulls, you risk allowing a surge of electricity to reach the trolling motor, potentially damaging it.

To determine the amperage of your specific trolling motor, you can consult this Minn Kota Battery wiring installation PDF or use a multimeter. Don’t forget to place the trolling motor under a load while using the multimeter!

Lastly, you will need to determine the gauge of your wire before installing a fuse or circuit breaker. The larger the wire the more amps it will have the ability to pull and will need a bigger fuse/circuit breaker to handle the higher amps.

This link will have the needed wire sizing information for your specific Minn Kota model.

Now let’s find out the location the circuit breaker or fuse should be installed.

Where to Install a Circuit Breaker or Fuse?

How to connect your trolling motor to a battery with a circuit breaker

Install a circuit breaker on the positive wire going to the trolling motor:

  1. Ensure both wires are disconnected from the battery.
  2. Buy a short battery cable one foot long.
  3. Once you have the battery cable, you can connect one end of the short battery cable to the positive battery terminal.
  4. Next, connect one side of the circuit breaker to the other end of the short battery cable.
  5. Next, connect the positive trolling motor cable to the other side of the circuit breaker.
  6. You can now connect the negative trolling motor cable to the negative terminal on the battery.
  7. Be sure to look over all connections to check if they are good connections.
  8. Lastly, Test the trolling motor to make sure you didn’t overlook a bad connection and everything works!

Does the Minn Kota Terrova have a fuse?

Minn Kota Terrova Freshwater Bow-Mount Trolling Motor

Like the rest of the Minn Kota trolling motors, the Terrova does not have an internal fuse.

If you want to protect your Terrova with a fuse or waterproof circuit breaker you will need to install it yourself or have one installed by a technician.

Installing a fuse or circuit breaker yourself is NOT a long or difficult process (see above). It would well be worth setting aside some time to install either one.

If they choose to go the fuse route, most people insert an inline fuse. While these are great, they are more of a hassle to replace once they have blown. Because you have to cut them out and crimp on a new fuse to replace the broken one.

The best option is to insert a circuit breaker . The installation is as simple as installing an inline fuse, but instead of replacing it every time it trips you will only have to reset it with the push of a button.


Since Minn Kota trolling motors DO NOT come from the factory with internal fuses it is best practice to install an inline fuse or a waterproof circuit breaker.

Minn Kota recommends installing a fuse  or circuit breaker . This not only protects the trolling motor but also you in case of a short.

You can install a fuse or circuit breaker yourself, it’s not a difficult process, or you can hire a qualified technician to do it. But if you have basic handyman skills you will be fine to install it yourself.

Knowing the correct size and where to install the fuse or circuit breaker is just as important as knowing that you need a fuse or circuit breaker.

Now you know that the best way to protect your trolling motor from a surge of electricity is to install a circuit breaker or fuse.

What are you waiting for? Go protect your trolling motor and have an awesome adventure on the water!