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MotorGuide X3 Reviews

MotorGuide X3 Reviews

The MotorGuide X3 is a powerful little trolling motor with all the options an angler could ask for. It comes in a variety of sizes and power options so that you can find one that will work on any boat.

Choose between freshwater and saltwater MotorGuide X3s and choose one with enough thrust for your boat. Pick hand or foot controls and bow or stern mount options to get the perfect trolling motor for all of your needs.

These trolling motors pack many of the most-desired features into their small package. Get precision control over where your boat goes, easily place and remove the motor whenever you need to, and receive unprecedented customer support.

If you’re looking for a new trolling motor, look no further than the MotorGuide X3. Here’s what you need to know to decide if this is the trolling motor you’ve been waiting for.

Motorguide 940200060 Motorguide X3-45Fw Fb 45" 12V Foot-Operated, Black

Who is the MotorGuide X3 for?

Motorguide 940200060 Motorguide X3-45Fw Fb 45" 12V Foot-Operated, Black

There is a MotorGuide X3 for every angler.

No matter how big or small your boat is, there is a MotorGuide X3 that will get you the nearly-silent thrust you need so you can. Some versions offer hand or foot controls, versions for saltwater and freshwater, and more.

The MotorGuide X3 is competitively priced when it comes to trolling motors of its class and caliber. Installing it and operating it is no easier or harder than working with other similar motors, too.

It doesn’t matter what your specific needs and wants are, because MotorGuide makes an X3 for you. Decide what you want and need, then talk to other anglers, head to your nearest boat shop, or go online to find the MotorGuide X3 that will work best for you.

In short, there’s a MotorGuide X3 for everyone.

What’s included in the box?

What you get when you order a MotorGuide X3 trolling motor depends on which version of the motor you buy.

If you buy this bow-mount, foot-controlled option, you will get:

  • One 12v trolling motor with a rugged, composite shaft
  • One aircraft-grade aluminum mount with stainless steel bushings
  • One foot control with a heel/toe design
  • One cable connecting the foot control to the trolling motor

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If you purchase a similar, remote-controlled option, you’ll receive:

  • One trolling motor with the thrust options you choose
  • An innovative mount with an LED dashboard that lets you check the status of your trolling motor at any time
  • A wireless remote control that allows you to control the trolling motor by hand, no matter where you are on your boat
  • A release lever that makes it easy and safe to both stow and deploy the trolling motor
MotorGuide Xi3 Freshwater Trolling Motor, Wireless, Bow Mount - 48-inch Shaft, 55-Pound Peak Thrust...
  • Wireless remote control lets you precisely operate the motor from anywhere on the boat
  • Innovative mount features easy-to-read LED dashboard that lets you quickly check the status of four key functions in any light conditions

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In short, you will receive everything you need to get your trolling motor mounted and to start using it right away. All you will need to add to the package is a battery that will successfully run your trolling motor.

Overview of features

MotorGuide Xi3 running on a river

The specific features of the MotorGuide X3 that you get will be determined by the particular version of the motor that you buy. However, all MotorGuide X3 trolling motors come with the following:

  • An energy-efficient motor that runs quietly, no matter the conditions
  • A rugged composite shaft that will last through the toughest fishing trips
  • A mount that makes it easier than ever to both stow and deploy your trolling motor
  • A heavy-duty propeller that will not suffer damage or break easily
MotorGuide Xi3-55FW48 Motor

No matter what type of control you choose for your MotorGuide X3, rest assured that you will get multiple speeds and precision steering for your vessel.

While some anglers report that the steering takes some time getting used to, no one complains about its ultimate quality or about their ability to get their boats exactly where they want to go.

Your MotorGuide X3 is built to last for a long time and to efficiently and effectively help you troll for fish. As long as you match the type of motor you buy to the size and type of boat that you have, you should be able to troll for years with your MotorGuide X3.

What we like

  • The sheer number of features available mean that there is a MotorGuide X3 for every angler and every boating situation.
  • The trolling motor runs very quietly, no matter the power and thrust levels that you choose. It won’t scare the fish!
  • The included mount makes the MotorGuide X3 easy to install on most boats.
  • The trolling motor handles well and allows anglers to maintain control in all sorts of conditions, including relatively high winds.

What we don’t like

  • Some versions of the MotorGuide X3 rely on plastic shaft bearings, which can break under rough use or conditions.
  • Some anglers find the controls, whether foot, hand, or remote, to be touchy and hard to use.

How to install and use the MotorGuide X3

The exact installation instructions will be determined by the version of the MotorGuide X3 that you purchase and the mounting setup on your boat. Here is one way to get this motor working on your vessel.

Installing a Motorguide Trolling Motor

If you’re looking for a bow-mount installation, this video should help you get your MotorGuide X3 onto your boat safely and securely.

Installing Motorguide Tour Edition Bow mount -

If you have a mounting bracket or mounting holes on your craft already, installing the MotorGuide X3 may be as simple as screwing the bracket that comes with your motor to the attachment points on your boat.

If you’re not confident about installing your new trolling motor on your own, your neighborhood boating shop ought to be able to do it for you. They may also be able to give your specific instructions based on the motor you have and your craft.

The first time you use your MotorGuide X3, take some time to get used to the controls. No matter which version you buy, the controls can have a small learning curve before anglers are fully comfortable with them.

Give yourself plenty of time to practice controlling the boat until you are comfortable out on the water. Make sure you feel confident that you can successfully control your boat no matter what happens.

If your MotorGuide X3 utilizes a remote control, test the controller from different places on your boat. Make sure that you note any dead spots and remember them so you don’t try to use the remote from those locations later on.

Make sure you keep your MotorGuide X3 clean. If you take it through weeds or other vegetation, clean it off regularly so that nothing hampers its functioning.

If you do this regularly, you might want to buy a weed guard or a weed blade so that your new trolling motor does not get damaged.

If you want some additional tips to get the most out of your MotorGuide X3, watch the video below.

Motorguide X3 Intro

Alternatives to the MotorGuide X3

The Haswing Cayman is preferred by some anglers who want a cruise control option for their trolling motors. If you don’t want to have to continually think about what you’re doing with your trolling motor, this can be a lifesaver.

Black Haswing Cayman 12V 55lbs 48 inch Bow Mount Electric Trolling Motor Lightweight, Variable...
  • Haswing Cayman 48 INCH Shaft Bow Mount Trolling Motor is designed and engineered to run quieter than ever before. It's so quiet that the fish will never hear you coming. With variable speed will let...
  • The remote control fits into the palm of your hand easily or can be attached around your neck with a lanyard. Conveniently control the motor on the boat or shoreside with the farthest 164 ft distance,...

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Also, the Cayman is designed for use in both freshwater and saltwater. If you fish regularly in both types of water or you think you might do so in the future, you might save money if you buy this motor and use it in both places.

The Minn Kota RipTide PowerDrive trolling motor is another popular option in this class of trolling motors. Its high price is off-putting for some anglers, but it offers a feature set and longevity that justify the higher price.

Minn Kota 1358744 PowerDrive Freshwater Electric-Steer Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with Digital...
  • 54" Shaft, 12v, 55 lbs Thrust
  • i-Pilot GPS Trolling System: The most-trusted GPS system in fishing. i-Pilot uses GPS to control your trolling motor with incredible features that keep you on the fish. Set Spot-Locks, record paths,...

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For instance, it has the Spot-Lock feature. If you find a particularly good place to fish or you want to hang out in one small area for a while, all you have to do is push a button. The motor will use GPS to keep you in the same location until you tell it to do something else.

If you want the very best trolling motor that money can buy, most anglers will tell you to buy from Minn Kota.


If you’re looking at trolling motors, consider a MotorGuide X3 today. There is sure to be an option that will suit you, your boat, and all of your needs.

Do you want to fish in saltwater? MotorGuide X3 has a trolling motor for you. It also has freshwater anglers covered.

Do you prefer a bow mount? You’ll find a MotorGuide X3 that will suit you perfectly. But people who like stern mounts don’t need to look elsewhere, because MotorGuide has X3 options for them, too!

You can customize your controls, as well, because the MotorGuide X3 has both hand and foot control options.

On top of all the options they offer, MotorGuide X3 trolling motors are top quality and are loved by anglers everywhere.

No matter what you need in a trolling motor, MotorGuide X3 can meet those needs and will do so affordably and efficiently. Consider one today or anytime you’re thinking about buying a new trolling motor.

MotorGuide Xi3-55FW48 12V GPS Attwood Xi3 Bow Mount Wireless Control (940700010)