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Can you Go on a RIB Boat when Pregnant?

Can you Go on a RIB Boat when Pregnant?

Being pregnant might make you start thinking about the safety of certain activities you usually enjoy. People will generally warn you and consider pregnant women as vulnerable and more delicate than usual, which can get annoying.

While that may be true sometimes, it is important to realize that pregnant women can enjoy most normal activities just like any other person. It is natural to be careful, you have a growing baby inside of you after all, but you shouldn’t deprive yourself of certain enjoyments in life.

So, what about going on a RIB boat ride when pregnant. Well, it depends on several factors and the answer is not quite simple. Read on to find out.

Going on a RIB boat while pregnant should be safe if you avoid fast rivers, do it in your second trimester, and are careful about your comfort. You shouldn’t avoid all activities because of your pregnancy, and RIB boat trips can be safe. Make sure to stay cool, wear a life jacket that fits, and stay hydrated.

Is going on a RIB boat while pregnant safe?

going on RIB boat trip

In general, you should avoid activities that are too risky or daring while you are pregnant. Still, this doesn’t mean you should avoid all exciting activities. This includes going on a RIB boat as well. You should, however, follow a few tips before embarking on such an adventure.

First of all, there is a consensus on the best time for those types of activities, and it is the second trimester of your pregnancy. If you go on a RIB boat trip during your first trimester, you may experience headaches, dizziness, and nausea. The same goes for the third trimester.

Of course, you should also watch out for the type of RIB boat trip you’re embarking on. If it is a fast river where you can expect a lot of bumpiness you might want to avoid it. Always check beforehand. There are rivers like the Thames, where RIB boat trips that should be completely safe for pregnant women are offered.

Going on boat trips when pregnant comes with its own set of preparations you should make.

One of the most important tips is to avoid any sort of stress. Try to have as much fun as you can, and remove any sort of negative impact this trip could have on your pregnancy. Try to stay cool at all times. Bring shades and maybe even a hat so you never get too hot.

These trips are usually not too long, but you can never be too safe! If you think the heat might become a problem, try to book a ride during a colder month.

RIB boats don’t go too fast most of the time, so if the water is calm, you won’t even feel it. However, you will get a life jacket that should be more than enough to keep you safe. Make sure that your life jacket fits, because wearing one that doesn’t might cause serious discomfort, which is something you want to avoid.

If you are extra worried, you might want to bring a pregnancy pack and a first-aid kit . This will come in handy if any type of accident happens.

One last piece of advice is to always stay hydrated during your trip. Bring a water bottle, and make it your best friend while riding a RIB boat. If you are still worried after reading all of this, you might want to consult with your doctor. They will be able to answer any bonus questions you may have.

Is it safe to float the river while pregnant?

floating the river while pregnant

Floating calmly down the river while pregnant is absolutely safe and you shouldn’t have any second thoughts about doing it.

You might see people warning you about floating during the first trimester, but those warnings are based on fear, not on any sort of evidence. People mostly assume that it is safer to avoid any sort of activity during the first trimester because that is when most natural miscarriages occur.

However, as we mentioned, this isn’t based on evidence. You should be perfectly safe floating down the river, no matter the stage of pregnancy you’re in.

You can never be too careful, and that is the truth. Still, there are other ways to be careful rather than simply avoiding all activities. Wear a life jacket if you must, protect yourself from the sun and make sure you’re comfortable and you should be fine.

Pregnant women have to deal with various demands based on fear every day. This can be stressful, and floating is an amazing way to relieve yourself of this stress. There are some really nice benefits to floating, and if you do it regularly while pregnant you might actually get some necessary relief.

If you are still worried, you might want to talk to your personal care provider and check what they say. As far as our stance, it is perfectly clear – floating the river is safe during all pregnancy stages.

How long can you swim while pregnant?

swimming while pregnant

The amount of time you can swim while pregnant depends on how often you were swimming before your pregnancy. First of all, to get this out of the way – yes, it is completely safe to swim during pregnancy.

Regular exercise is encouraged and what better choice than swimming. It is a great pick for pregnant women because the water will help support your extra weight. It will also keep you cool, unlike many other exercise methods.

It has a lot of benefits for your health as well, it can improve circulation, build endurance, reduce swelling and boost your heart and lung function.

Now, how long should you be allowed to swim while pregnant? Well, if you were swimming regularly before, you can definitely continue with your normal routine. Those that didn’t really exercise regularly can also start swimming but should be more careful.

You should start slowly with shorter sessions, maybe even as short as 5 minutes. In time, gradually increase your swimming time up to 30 minutes maximum. We believe that should be more than enough for a proper workout.

Be careful to never over-exert yourself. Always warm-up before swimming, and cool down afterward. If you start to feel tired it is a good time to quit. In time you will be able to swim more, but as we said, never longer than 30 minutes.

You can choose a stroke you’re comfortable with freely when swimming. A good piece of advice is to switch between swimming on your front and then floating on your back regularly.


Pregnancy is a state where a lot of things may seem forbidden or too dangerous to you. Going on a RIB boat is one of them.

The answer to the question if you can go on a RIB boat while pregnant might not be as simple, but we tried to make it as easy to understand as possible. You can definitely do it without fear, but it would be best to do it in the second trimester.

These boats can go fast, so always make sure you’re safe and secured on the boat. Avoid trips on fast rivers and you should be fine.

Other things that might seem unsafe and worry you while pregnant are floating down the river and swimming. Both are perfectly safe and are actually wonderful activities for all pregnant women. Many people actually encourage women to enjoy these activities while they are awaiting their baby.