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How To Transport Inflatable Boats? 12 Practical and Crazy Ways

How To Transport Inflatable Boats? 12 Practical and Crazy Ways


It’s the BIGGEST promise inflatable boats make.

Yet as you head out to the lake, you wonder…

“How the heck am I supposed to bring my inflatable boat along?”

I’ve got you covered.

Whether you want to transport it inflated or deflated… or whether you’ve got a car or not (maybe a pick-up truck?)…

Here are 12 practical and crazy ways to transport your inflatable boat!

How to Transport an Inflatable Boat – 12 Practical and Crazy Ways to do This

From trailers to flying boats – there are so many ways to bring your boat along.

1. Use a Trailer

Perhaps the most convenient way of transporting your boat is with a trailer.

With a trailer, all you have to do is put your boat on top (already inflated) and drive out to the lake. No need to worry about setting up once you get there anymore.

Choose a trailer designed for boats and you’re good to go.

boat trailer

Speed boat trailers can be used for inflatable boats as well.

The only problem is… you need a good place to park your trailer.

Without a proper parking space, you’ll have to deflate your boat and store it away.

Once you do that, you’ll have to inflate and set-up your boat every time you head out. So it might be better to use another transport method.

2. Use Launch Wheels

Trailers might be either too bulky or too expensive for you.

If so, go for launch wheels.

Attach the front of your boat to your car, and place launch wheels on the stern. This will work just like a trailer – except is far less bulky and expensive.

Check out this video to see how launch wheels work:

Inflatable Boat Modification - Trailerless Transport and Launching

You see, they’re far more convenient than trailers.

3. Stash It in Your Trunk

Forget the fancy equipment.

If you have a car, you already have everything you need to transport your boat.

Stash your boat in your car’s trunk. Unless you’re bringing tons of gear, there’ll be more than enough space there.

The only problem is, your boat needs to be deflated.

This means that when you get to the lake, you’ll have a whole lot of unpacking and preparing to do.

4. Stash It in Your Roof Bag

Don’t have enough space on your trunk? Go for a roof bag!

If you’re bringing a lot of gear, your car’s roof bag will be the perfect place to store your boat. This allows more people to ride – and frees up the trunk for other items.

But again, you’ll have to unpack and set up once you arrive.

So why not…

5. Put It on Your Roof


That’s right. Why bother folding it into a bag when you can just put it right up on your car’s roof?

Putting your inflatable boat on the roof lets you enjoy the same convenience as having a trailer – without having to spend for one!

Travel Car with Fishing Accessories

Your car’s roof has a lot of potential space

Plus, you don’t have to figure out how to drive with something attached to your car anymore (driving with a trailer can be tricky).

Of course, if you plan to do this, you need to be careful.

Make sure your boat is firmly tied down.

And don’t drive too fast! You don’t want your boat flying off.

6. Put It on Your Pickup Bed

Have a pickup truck?

Why look any further!

Place your inflatable boat on your pickup bed. You can do this either inflated (for maximum convenience) or deflated (to save space).

Remember to tie it down if you’re going inflated.

7. Drop It From a Plane

What’s the most badass way to transport your inflatable boat?

Well… you could throw your boat from a plane.

DROPPING BOATS OUT OF AN AIRPLANE! (Low Velocity Airdrop Delivery System, Atlantic Ocean, 2018.)

If you want to get to the middle of the ocean, this is the fastest way to do it.

Of course, you’d have to be a Navy SEAL to do something like this.

8. Drop It From a Helicopter

Don’t have a plane?

Go for a helicopter instead!

Another badass way to get your boat on the mission field is to sling it from a helicopter.

FC 470 Heli Sling - Zodiac Milpro official

Again, only soldiers get to do cool stuff like this.

But hey… we can dream, right?

9. Carry It in a Bag

Alright! Enough of Crazyville. Back to something we civilians can do.

Let’s say you don’t have a vehicle – how do you bring your boat along?

Easy. Go for the good old fashioned carry bag.

Most inflatable boats (such as the Excursion 5 or Mariner 4) come with a carry bag. It’s the best place to store your boat – and makes carrying your boat much easier!

Most boats weigh less than 100 pounds anyway. Carrying it by hand won’t be a big deal.

Don’t have a carry bag? You can always buy one online

10. Carry It in a Backpack

Two shoulder-straps can make a HUGE difference.

A carry backpack lets you enjoy a completely hands-free way to bring your boat along. With these, you can load your deflated boat onto your back.

If you’re hiking to a lake, this will make your trip so much easier. Your hands won’t be occupied, so you can bring a lot of other things along.

11. Carry It Like a Boss

Who needs bags?

Pick up your boat and carry it with your strong arms!

Teenage girl carrying a canoe on her head

When nothing else works, pick up your boat and walk!

This isn’t the most practical way to do things of course. If your boat is big, you’ll have a very hard time doing this.

But when all else fails… you’ll always have your trusty arms to carry your boat.

Ask a friend for a helping hand, and you can bring your boat anywhere you want.

12. Make it Fly!

Why carry it in your hands…

… why put it in your car…

… heck! Why even throw it off an airplane …

When you can make your boat FLY!

The Flying Inflatable Boat is Terrifying | I Want That

If you’re an engineering wizard, this CAN be done!

Just add wings, wheels, and a motor, and you’re good to go.

But be careful!

Don’t try this unless you’re a master engineer. SO many things can go wrong.

But think… how wonderful it would be to fly in your inflatable boat!


There are so many ways to transport your inflatable boat.

Whether it’s launch wheels or a carry backpack, your options are endless.

You see, there’s absolutely no reason not to bring your inflatable boat along.

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